Class WordSearchLetter


public class WordSearchLetter
extends Letter

This class is used to contain information about a letter that is available to be a part of a word. This class is specific to the WordSearch application.

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Constructor Summary
WordSearchLetter(WordSearch search, char character, int index)
          The creator.
Method Summary
 WordSearchLetter getNextLetter()
          Gets the next candidate letter in a word.
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Constructor Detail


public WordSearchLetter(WordSearch search,
                        char character,
                        int index)
The creator. Sets class variables to and specified values.
search - The WordSearch clas that contains the letters.
character - The character represented by this letter
index - The index (0 based) of the letter in the list of letters
Method Detail


public WordSearchLetter getNextLetter()
Gets the next candidate letter in a word. This is done by checking for the next unused letter in the letter list.
The letter that was found, or null if one could not be found.